Cold Milling

Cold milling is the process by which a portion or an entire asphalt surface is removed without disturbing the pavement grade or slope. We offer partial or full depth Cold Milling. Depth of cold milling is selected prior to beginning the milling process. The thickness of the material removed is determined by evaluation of the existing condition of the asphalt.

Types of Cold Milling

  • Partial Cold Milling removes the top 1.5 to 2.0 inches of surface only. In the majority of cases, the binder asphalt layer stays intact and a new layer of asphaltic surface is installed on top of the stable binder asphalt layer.
  • Full Depth Cold Milling eliminates the entire asphalt surface, including the binder and surface layers, a depth of 3.00 to 5.00 inches. The amount varies based on the original thickness of the surface and how often the surface layer has been overlaid. Once this process has been competed, only the gravel sub-base remains. Only minor sub-base work is required prior to paving.

Advantages of Cold Milling

  • Partial Cold Milling allows removal of only the failed asphalt surface and salvages the binder asphalt layer. It is much more efficient and cost effective that a complete removal and replacement.
  • Full Depth Cold Milling removes the entire asphalt surface while reducing the disturbance of the
    Sub-base. In the long run, cold milling causes less shifting of the sub-base therefore reducing the necessary sub-base work and gravel installation required to proceed to binder course installation.
  • Cold Milling technology offers our customers an excellent Green Alternative. Cold Milling greatly reduces the processing and handling of waste prior to being used in recycled asphalt material when compared to processing broken material removed by conventional methods. It is faster and safer than other methods of removing asphalt. It reduces the removal time by 50%.
  • Partial Cold Milling allows for open car traffic during the paving process reducing the impact on accessibility.

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